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Our financial consulting service for startups may be just what you need to raise venture capital.

But first, what is a startup? The word «Startup» has become a trending term around the world for some years now.

But what is a startup? A startup is a formally incorporated company that has the potential to grow at an accelerated pace.

Usually, technology companies such as Apps and virtual platforms are startups. But it’s not just tech companies that are startups. The key is the ability to grow rapidly.

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Financial Consulting for Startups

The economy has transformed in recent years. Companies like Facebook, Alphabet (Google), and Amazon today are the largest in the world. In addition, the internet has given incredible power to the common user that allows it to discover new lines of business and catalyze its growth. Every entrepreneur must align his vision with this trend.

But the death rate of startup companies is huge. About 75% of venture capital investments fail. And the vast majority fail due to a bad financial management. This is why Venture Capital funds are becoming increasingly cautious and it has become more difficult to get this type of investment.

At Kraken Financial we understand what it’s like not to be able to raise capital for a good business idea because of lack of clarity in the numbers. And, with our financial consulting service for startups, we’ve helped many startups organize their finances and elevate their financial knowledge. Thanks to this they have secured investment with venture capital funds. The funds, knowing that the company is well advised on financial management, have a greater certainty that the company will succeed.

We can help you transform your startup and elevate your vision. The path of a startup is not easy. We want to be the guide that helps you discover the right methods to catalyze your growth. A startup with a good financial strategy can become the visionary leader in your industry.

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At Kraken we value good ideas greatly. We have helped to come up with brilliant and transformative ideas. Think of us as an idea lab. We can help you evolve your startup and get investment to boost its growth. With our financial consulting service for startups we want to give you the tools to transform your company.

Financial Consulting for Startups

Visionary startup plan

Okay, are you ready to get your startup on track for success? It’s not going to be an easy road. But the way to deal with a difficult path is with a guide and a good plan. The goal of a startup is to grow rapidly. And to achieve this goal you have to have two things: Good Financial Management and Access to Capital. The second comes after the first one naturally, so first we have to implement good financial systems in your startup. Then, once we have planned the growth, the next step is to valuate your startup. So we know how much funds we need to ask venture capital funds and in exchange for how much equity. In the end, we got the funding.


We implement financial processes

The first step in our financial consulting service to startups is to understand the business model in order to implement the necessary control systems. This allows us to create a sustained growth strategy.


We do a valuation of your startup

Once we have the necessary systems and have a future growth plan, we need to determine the value of your startup. For this we have a special methodology that quantifies the value of your ideas, know-how and the potential of your team


VC Funding

Once you’ve transformed your startup into a visionary, high-impact company, the time has come to get the funding needed to grow exponentially. At Kraken we have a network of venture capital funds that may be interested in investing.

We guide you every step of the way

At Kraken Financial we really care about your business and want to see it grow. Contact us to see how we can make this process easier for you.

Elevate your startup's vision

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We can help you grow your startup from being an idea to be a solid corporation with a growth vision.

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