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«I want someone from outside of the company to come and take care of the financial processes. I don’t have the in-house expertise or the time to learn it. There is no one in my company who can be in charge of the company’s financial strategy.»


«Of course we are not going to hire a consultant. I want to develop in-house expertise so that we can take care of the financial strategy ourselves. I have workers who have the time to do it, they just need the right training and tools»

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The best way to think about us is as the only guide you need to transform your business from being an SME without financial control to being a successful corporation with a growth plan and access to the financing necessary to make it happen.

Intangible Assets Valuation

We help you determine the exact value of your brand, patents, know-how, software etc.

Business Plans

Have a detailed plan of your investment projects to increase your chances of success

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At Kraken Financial we understand what a company feels when faced with the complexity of financial information without having the right tools or someone who knows how to interpret it properly.

Businesses need profits to grow and poor financial management can bankrupt a good company no matter how hard it tries to pay off its debts and get ahead. But, how can you know if your company is in a situation of risk? The answer is to contact one of our executives for a free evaluation.

At Kraken we take a fresh and different approach to financial consulting. First, we strive to explain the complexity of financial information in terms that companies can understand. No one knows a company better than its owner or director and the financial information is only a reflection of the operation of this company on a day-to-day basis.

In addition to explaining things in a clear way, we focus on making use of technology to automate processes. There are tools today that have the power to make the finances of a company 100% automated. Companies do not only need an opinion on their financial situation, but they need to develop processes so as not to fall back into the complications of financial disorder when the day-to-day operation demands their full attention.

Technology can be intimidating. For this reason, each of our clients receives a detailed and clearly communicated manual on how to use their new financial automation system. This manual covers each of the necessary points to understand the system and it becomes an intangible asset that greatly increases the value of the company. If they hire a CFO or replace the current one, all they have to do is give the manual to the new manager so they can learn how to use the system. If for some reason the company is sold, this type of asset increases the value of the company.

About us

Meet the Team

Oscar Olivares

Partner, Real Estate Projects
With more than 10 years of experience in the sector, Oscar has had the opportunity to work closely on real estate development projects. Structured and systematic, Oscar is passionate for these types of projects.

Oscar Ruiz

Partner, Real Estate Projects
Teaming up with the other Oscar, they lead the firm's real estate projects. With more than 9 years of experience in the sector, Oscar has specialized in modeling real estate projects.

Transform your business

The Road to Success

We help you every step of the way. This is the step-by-step plan we use to transform your company.


Business Model Audit

The first step is to understand your company and what the problem is with its financial processes. This way we can determine how to help you. It is somewhat similar to a medical check-up. We also refer to it as financial due diligence.


Control Systems

Once we find the problem, the next step is to develop financial systems to keep good control and have access to business intelligence to assist decision making.


Growth Strategy

Having the finances of your company under control we can create a strategy to grow based on investment projects and obtain the necessary financing at the best terms.

We guide you every step of the way

At Kraken Financial we really care about your business and we want to see it grow. Get in touch with us to see how we can make this process easier for you.

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Que es la TIR

¿Qué es la Tasa Interna de Retorno?

La TIR es la tasa de descuento que convierte el Valor Presente Neto en $0. Es uno de los criterios de inversión más utilizados en el mundo.

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